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Aspiring Doctor’s Programme – South Staffordshire & Shropshire Healthcare

South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust are offering the opportunity for students 14+ years to participate in a unique programme for students who are considering a career in medicine and in particular psychiatry.  Further information can be found by following the link below and students should see Mrs Taylor, Head of Sixth Form, for an application form.

Aspiring Doctor’s Programme

UNIQ Summer School – Oxford University – Molly Chell

The summer school that I attended at Oxford University in the summer was an amazing experience. I met some lovely people and experienced what life at university would be like. I stayed at St Johns College and was impressed by the size of the room. It seems that not all university accommodation is the size of a cupboard! I was part of the Classical Archaeology and Ancient History programme for the week, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I learnt about new periods in history, including the Persian wars. My favourite activity was the coin handling session we had at the Ashmolean Museum as I had never handled ancient artefacts before.

The academic staff at the department put on a variety of lectures and even a debate so that we were able to get a taste of various teaching methods of the university. I was asked to complete a short essay on how the Persians were represented across several sources, containing the Historical sessions of Herodotus. An Oxford tutor gave me feedback in a taster tutorial session; one of the many unique experiences I had throughout the week.

Besides the academic summer school, there were a multitude of activities that had been organised. On the Tuesday evening I attended an alumni dinner at Lincoln College which was a great opportunity for asking graduates questions about studying at degree level. We also had a quiz night, comedy night and time to explore the city centre; punting was definitely harder than it looks! On the final evening we had a formal dinner at Balliol College, followed by a party at a nearby club. The next morning we ‘graduated’ after what had been an incredible week.

Congratulations to William Davenport

William has been very busy over the summer helping out the Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of his Grandpa. The Charity Ball raised a massive £33,000 and raised the profile of the disease and work done by the charity. He has now been invited to the Research Dinner in London to celebrate his achievements. Below is how William contributed:

‘As you know, I enjoy writing music and try to do as many projects related to music-making as possible; it’s something that I massively enjoy so I talked to mum about writing a piece of music to create an identity for the Charity Ball in aid of MND. I wanted to create something with a few modern and traditional pop elements to it, so I composed the piece and it was played on the night of the Charity Ball. In addition, not so long before the Charity Ball there were ideas flying about as to which video would feature at the event (aiming to tempt the audience to donate!) so I offered to complete a compilation feature of the Ice Bucket Challenge that had been massively popular not so long before. Naturally, under the stress of organising the event my mum needed further assistance – she needed me to create a page describing what the MND did that would feature within the programme of the event; this added further to my small helping in the production of a large fundraising event.’

Team Building at Oaklands Manor

Our newly appointment Prefect Team were invited to attend a team building and role development course. The students took part in range of team building activites and sessions designed around training and development of their role as a Prefect concentrating on responsibility and communication.

Katie Squires, Senior Prefect, commented “It allowed us as Prefects to build on our conversational, listening and creativity skills, which will benefit us when working together in the school environment. It involved a large range of physical activities such as rock climbing and rope courses but also mental activities, challenging us to lead, take important safety roles and push ourselves beyond our limits. We also had to feeback to the group, everyone having an important voice and being united. Allowing us to develop ideas and thought processes was a valuable aspect of the day and all these essential qualities were built upon during lots of fun, laughing and smiling. All this despite the rain!”